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Luxury Worldwide Companion

Based in the United States

Romantic getaways are the idyllic way for us to connect on a deeper level. Having visited 10 states and 28 countries in the past years, traveling was always a  passion of mine. Whether it's domestically or internationally, I'm always up for new adventures.. Whether it's a day, a week, a month, or years to come, my vibrant personality will keep you yearning for more. 


Packages below includes nightly accommodations, transportation, and possibly air travel . If you have a specific itinerary in mind, please inquire HERE



(Within the U.S.A boundaries)

4 Hours         4000

6 Hours         5000

12 Hours       6000

24 Hours       8000


(Outside the U.S.A boundaries)

4 Hours       5000

6 Hours       6000

12 Hours     7000

24 Hours     9000


  • First class preferred, but not mandatory

  • Deposit arrangements will be discussed upon booking

  • Full Itinerary is needed before booking our getaway

  • If you choose to arrange accommodations and transportation, please do so upon confirming our getaway