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You and I are both searching for something meaningful and long-lasting. Although we have busy schedules, we will find the perfect time to meet. Our time together will be cherished as my warm and engaging personality places you in a comfortable mood to make you feel at home, bringing out the most authentic version of yourself as if we've known each other for years.

Private Engagements

In touch with my femininity and sensuality, yet witty and mentally stimulating, I could easily be your favorite poisonWhether we're just getting newly acquainted or we're already friends, sharing these memorable intimate moments will sure make our day, week, or year much more sweeter. When spending quality time alone and enjoying each other's company, let's talk intimately over a candlelit dinner, steam the bedroom, or experience new and exciting places out on the town.


One hour    1000

Ninety minutes    1500



Two hours      2000

Three hours      3000


Four hours       4000

Six hours         5000

Eight hours     6000


Twelve hours    8000

Twenty-four hours     10000

Every 24 hours, add 5000

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I thrive on full interaction & chemistry as we scroll through the depths of your mind. Without fail you will find yourself submitting effortlessly as I feed your fantasies and desires..


ROLEPLAY - 1500/hr

BDSM - 2000/hr

COUPLES/DUOS - 2000/hr

Exclusive Companion

We have established our incredible mutual connection and you're ready to make me YOURS.  I'm open to being exclusively yours to give you the ultimate girlfriend experience, without limits. If you’re wanting to be a little selfish & keep me to yourself, let’s discuss our future together.

As your personal muse, during this time, I will be yours to keep. I’ll be available anywhere at anytime entirely subservient to your wants and needs.


Per month | 30000

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