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If you've reached this page, this is the last step towards confirming our rendezvous. The remaining donation should be placed in plain view upon arrival in your choice of item. Please take a look at my rates or travel rates to calculate your remaining donation to give upon arrival. If in any case of emergency, click here for cancellation fees.

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon! 

Note, this would be the only time you'll need to make a deposit towards booking a date with me. 

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Option 2

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See my location here

I require:

 $250 for a 1-2 hour date.
$300 for a 3-6 hour date.
$500 for 6-12 hour date.
 for 12+ hour date.


I require:

 $500 for a 4-6 hour date.
$1000 for a 6-12 hour date.
$1500 for a 24-48 hour date.

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