Londyn Lauren

It's hard to put my personality and character into simple words. A lady of such caliber, class, and wit; Only you'll have to meet me to see that you've never meet a woman like me before. I'm considered "unattainable" to most, yet reserved for a few selected gentlemen with the finest taste in women. I've been described as the "Girl Next Door", but as you get to know me, you'll find that I'm a naturally uninhibited hedonist with an unmatched sex appeal. 

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My refreshing natural beauty (no surgery), full natural breasts,  high cheekbones, intoxicating smile, and buttery soft skin are a few of the things that sets me apart from the rest. I am completely in-tune with my femininity and aware of my sexuality. I work out weekly and eat healthy daily. I keep a dainty, lean figure for you by engaging in outdoor activities such as tennis and golf.

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Behind Closed Doors

"A sensual addiction. Mind, body, and soul"

Beneath my lady-like exterior lies an uninhibited hedonist who truly knows how to enjoy herself while giving you what is deserved.  I would consider myself a natural sapiosexual and could strike up a conversation about any & everything. I could easily go from being your sexy and sophisticated date to your sensual seductive mistress behind closed doors.

You choose...

All Things Considered

I consider myself your alternative physical therapist. I'm able to provide companionship on every level, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or intellectually. I bring enthusiasm and immense pleasure far beyond your wildest dreams. I aim to stimulate you mentally when physical beauty isn't enough to satisfy your innermost desires.


CUISINE: French & Italian

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Tennis, Hiking, Worldwide Traveling, Artistry, Reading, learning new and exciting things, and many more

IDEAL DATES: Candlelit dinners, Fly Me To You dates, Wine Tasting, Romantic nights in, Activity Dates